Geneology of Jesus Matthew 1

Geneologies tend to be boring reading with unfamiliar names and dates, just a list. But I find in this list five names that stand out, five women in a list of men, a list of fathers and sons. Why these five women? Each is a story of God’s redemptive plan.

Tamar’s story is in Genesis 38 and is the story of a forgotten promise. She was also a Canaanite woman and God chose her as an ancestor of our Lord. Rahab was a prostitute from Jericho (Joshua 2), also a Canaanite. Ruth was a Moabite, descended from Lot, (see the book of Ruth), also a Gentile, but once again God chose her. Uriah’s wife had an affair with King David (2 Samuel 11) yet here she, too, is in Christ’s ancestry. Lastly is Mary, a young girl engaged to be married, and found to be pregnant (by the Holy Spirit), a stonable offense by Jewish law. But God had each of these women as part of a much bigger plan.

What do these examples show me? God can use even “damaged goods” to accomplish His perfect plan. He can and will use the weak to show His strength. I Corinthians 1:26-29; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. Just as Good used these broken vessels, He can use me, “for when I am weak then am I strong,” through Him since “His power is made perfect in weakness.

Lord, Thank You that You placed these women for me to see in Jesus geneology. Thank You that You used broken vessels to accomplish Your purposes. Help me to give You myself, my broken vessel to use as You see fit. Fill me and use me for furthering Your kingdom. Amen.


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