What kind of man is this? – Matthew 8

In this chapter we are given a view of several of Jesus’ miracles: from healings, to casting out demons, to calming the storm-tossed sea. His own followers we so taken aback by His power that they asked, “What kind of man is this?” (vs 27 NIV). So what do these particular miracles tell us about the kind of man Jesus was?

First we see Him coming down the mountain and being approached by a leper who says, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” (vs 2 NIV). Lepers were to be separate from the general population, and when others came near, they were to call out “UNCLEAN!” because the disease was highly infectious. This man, instead, approached Jesus. Jesus response, “I am willing; be clean. Go follow the requirements of the law, but don’t tell anyone how you were healed.” Jesus was approachable, even by those shunned by society. Are we?

Next Jesus was approached by a centurion, a Roman commander of 100 soldiers, saying his servant was ill and asking the Lord to heal him. When Jesus offered to go to his home, the centurion responded that he knew Jesus was busy and could just say the word and the servant would be healed. Jesus was amazed at this Gentile’s faith and healed the servant even from a distance. What is our attitude toward those of different ethnicities or faiths?

Jesus also healed Peter’s mother-in-law, and drove demons out of two men. He also did something that truly amazed His followers. These men were experienced fishermen; they’d spent their entire lives on and around the Sea of Galilee and knew that storms come up suddenly and can be very violent. This storm came up and they were scared. They pleaded with the Lord to save them. “He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves and it was completely calm,” (vs 26 NIV). To say the least, they were shocked! Who was this? Little did they realize, they were in the presence of the One who created the sea; of course it had to obey Him! Do we realize the power of the Lord to whom we pray?

These are just a glimpse at who our Lord is. He doesn’t care if we’re outcasts; He loves us anyway! Even if He seems far away, He’s close enough to touch our lives or the lives of those we love. He’s the Creator of the universe; He can handle what seems insurmountable to us. He is the God who cares about me!


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