The Sower – Mark 4

We live in farm country, the nation’s bread basket, surrounded by fields of wheat, corn, molo, soybeans, sunflowers and hay. It is so interesting to see each of those growing, going from dirt rows, to seedling, to stalk, to grain, to harvest. And each is ready to pick at a different time. Yet the farmers know what to do and when, which field to plant what in, and which seed produces the highest yield. It’s fascinating!

            In Mark 4:3-20 Jesus talks about a farmer going out to sow seed. As he tosses the seed around the field, some lands outside the tilled, prepared ground. Some lands on the path, which is hard from many feet walking on it and packing it down. The birds see this seed and take it. Some seed falls on rocky ground, where it can’t take root or get the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow. When the sun comes up and the wind blows, it withers and dies. Some seed falls into weeds, which grow and choke out the struggling plant. But some seed falls on the ground that is soft and ready. This seed grows, thrives and produces a crop of thirty, sixty or one hundred times the amount that was sown.

            As often happened, after the crowds went away, Jesus disciples asked Him to explain the parable. He explained that the farmer was sowing the Word and the soil was people’s hearts. Some had hard hearts and Satan came and took the seed of the Word before it could penetrate. The rocky soil are those who hear the Word and at first are excited but never put down roots of reading the Word, praying, and spending time in fellowship. So, when trouble comes, they have no root to stand on and fall away. The weedy soil is people whose hearts are so full of other stuff, worries, cares, focusing on finances, work, promotions, keeping up with their neighbors, getting ahead in the world, that there’s no room for God. Then there’s the seed that is sown on the good soil. That’s the people who hear God’s Word, read it, pray, fellowship with God and His people and in turn go out and tell others, bringing more people to the Lord.

            What type of soil are you? Are you producing fruit for the Lord. Today, make God a priority and spread the news of His kingdom? I’m going to heaven, but I don’t want to go alone; I want to take as many friends, family, and others with me as I can.


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